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    Atom supports DDR3 w/ECC

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      Can someone please help me to clarify if Atom E3825 supporting DDR3 with ECC?  When I used Intel Embedded Board Planner tool which shows E3825 is non-ECC but the comparison from this link shows all Atom supports DDR3 w/ ECC http://ark.intel.com/compare/78478,78477,78474,78476,85475.  Which one is correct?  The E3800 datasheet does not mention of ECC only being supported on certain processors.

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          Hello Quinn


          This is from the E3800 Datasheet revision 3.6, section 12.1.1 ECC Support:


          The system memory controller supports ECC. When ECC is enabled, only Memory

          Channel 0 will be active. Memory Channel 1 will be disabled and used for the ECC data

          signals. Signals on Memory Channel 1 not used for ECC will be tri-stated.


          So ECC it is supported, the issue with the Board Planner should be reported.




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              Hi AdolfoS,

              E3825 or lower only supports single channel memory per datasheet.  Is ECC still applied?  The pins are still there but datasheet doesn't mention about if ECC mux is still available.  I think both EBD and datasheet need to be updated.