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    Tizen 3.0 for atom Z3735

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      Hi ,


      I took a tablet with Atom Z3735 available in the market and trying to port Tizen 3.0 in to it. I could see tizen 3.0 IVI is built for atom 3827. So I tried to do a USB boot using pre-built image on my tablet but I don't see any display and tried with HDMI still no luck. My question here is

      How can I see the kernel logs

      Do we have any Tizen source code for Z3735 or any link/doc guide me to port Tizen for Z3735 chip

      whether the Tizen 3.0 IVI developed for 3827 kernel compatible with Z3735? If I want to change how much change required, Major or minor changes.

      much appreciated for your king help