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    i210 SDP interrupt

    AlexMamonov Community Member


      We are developing E620-based controller using WGI210IS chip. One of the tasks - getting of interrupt when signal on SDP0 pin appears.

      I try to do the following:

      1) check that SDP0_IODIR bit of CTRL register set to 0 (input);

      2) set SDP0_GPIEN bit of CTRL register set to 1 (interrupt enabled);

      3) attach interrupt handler to interrupt number associated with i210;

      - but nothing happened. I am sure that signal on SDP0 appears with 1Hz freq (checked with oscilloscope and by polling SDP0_DATA value) and that interrupt handler attached properly (when network cable connected I can see interrupts created by network activity).

      What have I missed?

      PS. OS - QNX 6.5SP1.

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