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    Baytrail-T memory reference code

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      I'm working on a project with Z3745 SoC. I have Baytrail MRC (Memory Reference Code) 1.0 source code which I have customized for use in our BIOS. It works well and I have used it for memory down and DIMM architectures in many projects. The memory down approach was used for Minnowboard Max.


      When I started to use the MRC for the Z3745 it hanged immediately. The reason was that it was trying to setup the SMBus and there are non on Baytrail-T architectures. I fixed that. Now it stops in the LPDDR3_CATraining()  step. It looks like the implementation of LPDDR3 support in the MRC has been completed, so it must be a later MRC or a special for Baytrail-T architectures. As the original MRC will hang due to the missing SMBus, there must be a later or special version for Baytrail-T architectures.

      The same is true for the FSP. It will not work on Baytrail-T architectures as the MRC will hang. (I don't know if there is going to be any FSP for Baytrail-T, but I think that would be a good idea).

      So this is the background of my problem. The question is, where can I get the MRC I need that fully supports LPDDR3 and Baytrail-T?

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