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    Latest WEC7 BSP and EMGD for E3800 (Where to find???)

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      I am looking for the latest WEC7 MR3.1 BSP and the EMGD video driver as referenced in the attached pdf release notes that have recently been released by Intel.

      Could anyone point me to a link to where to download these?  Adeneo and BSQuare do not have these posted.  Adeneo only has the MR2 release which was from back in March and their EMGD driver is even older.  There have been two releases since March 2015.  There is a July 2015 MR3 and August 2015 MR3.1.


      Also from my understanding there is a new EMGD driver as referenced in the attached release notes.  (Intel_BYT_WEC7_EMGD_v36.16.3_RC_2015-07-02_3000.zip)

      There is also another file referenced in the release notes.  IO Driver (Intel® Processor WEC IO BSP.msi )


      If necessary my company also has an elevated Intel Permissions Account but for whatever reason I have to use a separate account to access this forum.