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    Intel EG20T GPIO on Windows 7 Embedded

    Cprice Community Member

      I'm currently trying to listen for when a GPIO input pin goes high by using an interrupt on an Intel Atom board with a EG20T platform controller. I'm using intel's driver and have found their programmers guide here: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/intelligent-systems/previous-generation/pch-eg20t-gpio-win-programmers-guide.html


      But there are still some things I'm confused about.


      1. How do I create the hHandle to pass into the DeviceIOControl call? Or more specifically, if I use CreateFile what do I pass in as the file/device name?

      2. I don't really understand how the Notify command works. Does the thread just block on that DeviceIOControl call until the pin status changes, and then continues with the new data in the output buffer?


      I also found this thread where someone mentioned there was a code example, I'd very much like to get access to that as it may be able to answer my questions.

      Looking for a EG20T GPIO working sample code in Windows XP