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    Intel i210 serdes backplane issue

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      We have an intel i210 and have it connected to a Vitesse VSC7420 using Serdes Backplane 1000-Base-KX, we have modified the firmware for VSC7420 to bypass SFP and ANNEG and are able to transfer packet to / from both devices, however on the TX side from i210 to VSC7420 we have encountered packet fragmentation / loss of sync / lost packets and very slow transfer rate, the RX side seems fine though. It could be possible to adjust the Serdes parameters on the i210 side, possible that the peak to peak differential voltage is too high for VSC7420, the only mention of that in the i210 datasheet is with regards to internal PHY, fiber specific control REG, page 26, register 26, which seems to have some amplitude parameter, but we don't seem able to access that properly through lanconf, the registers always read back as zero even after writing to them, I am not even sure that when in backplane mode the internal PHY can adjust the Serdes parameters since the output is the Serdes block and not the PHY.


      So my question is, how to adjust Serdes parameters on the i210 ?

      Is there a flash byte that can be adjusted? I cannot find one in the datasheet.


      Any help provided would be gratefully appreciated :-)