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    Low profile Skylake-based board required - what is on the market now?

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      Hello All


      We are looking for Skylake-based board with Iris Graphics 550 or 540 GPU core, to process 4K real-time video. I tried to estimate if we can use motherboard from Toshiba Satellite Radius 12, but I couldn't find any specs of processor model, other than "newest generation Skylake processor"

      We need PCIe2.0x2 or more lanes at system bus connector (6Gbps required to transfer from extension board)

      Of course, I red announce from Kontron:


      However, it is too high, because system bus connector is placed on bottom side of the board (COMExpress Basic), which increases overall height on 7mm (5 mm connector + 1mm PCB + 1 mm decoupling caps). It's inacceptable.


      What would you suggest?


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