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    QuickAssist: polling RSA operations

    meresurmisesir Community Member



      Hardware is Intel QuickAssist Adapter 8950-SCCP.

      I am working on a user space application that requires asynchronous RSA operations.  I believe I have the option between receiving an interrupt callback or polling for completion of the operation.  I'd like to use the polling method to avoid the context switching of the interrupt callback.


      I do observe that by toggling the "Cy0IsPolled =" between 1 and 0 in the /etc/dh895xcc_qa_dev0.conf I can influence whether icp_sal_CyPollInstance returns a CPA_STATUS_SUCCESS when the operation is complete, so that looks good.

      However, I am finding that I always must include a valid callback to the second parameter (psRsaDecryptCb) of cpaCyRsaDecrypt in order to use that API asynchronously and that callback is always invoked regardless of the "Cy0IsPolled" value in the configuration file.

      What is the correct configuration to work in a polling-only mode so I don't get the callback?