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    E3800 Programmers Reference

    Brett Green Belt

      Is there anything resembling a programmers reference manual for the E3800 (Bay Trail I)? Something that documents how the SoC devices work? The Datasheet does a good job of describing the registers but nothing on how to use them. I feel like I am missing something obvious but have spent hours searching both the Business Portal and Public side of things and have found nothing beyond the BWG and the EDS, which for some devices contains a little more depth of information but not to the level needed. And the EDS varies by device as to how deep a level it goes into.


      Specifically I am looking for documentation on the SIO SPI. I have a lot of it figured out by reverse engineering Lunux SPI drivers. What is most interesting is the closest thing I can find is the PXA2xx driver. That is an ARM chip (XSCALE) but from an SoC device viewpoint. they appear to have come from the same design team. Following that path I find that the Marvell (who bought the XSCALE line from Intel years ago) PXA270 Processors Developers Manual the closest information in documenting the SPI device on the E3800 I can find.


      Any pointers to better documentation would be appreciated!





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          Carlos_A Brown Belt

          Hello Brett,


          Thank you for contacting the Intel Embedded Community.


          The information that may help you is stated in the Intel(R) Atom(TM) E3800 Processor T/I SoC SPI Flash Programming Guide: Application Note.


          On the other hand, in order to help you with your communities problem, please fill out the support form.  


          Please let us know if this information is useful to you.


          Best Regards,


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              Brett Green Belt



              Thanks but that is not what I am looking for. That document is just for the PCU SPI bus and the boot flash - a nightmare I have already lived through. (Why the Baytrail-I has to boot in descriptor mode and have the TXE is beyond me - not something I want or need in an embedded product NOT running Windows or Linux.)


              I am looking for docs on the SIO SPI. It seems like there is a big omission out of the data sheet for that device as the SIO I2C has enough documentation to at least try programming against but the SPI has virtually nothing. No discussions on the fact that it can do SSP, PSP and Microwire along with SPI. Or that it supports network mode.


              I would think (hope?) that there would be app notes for all the different peripherals this device has or some master programming guide. Doesn't seem to be.


              Thanks again,