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    Trouble getting Minnowboard Max GPIO working

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      I am having trouble getting off of square one with GPIO on Mnnowboard Max.  Basically, I am trying to get Blinky app running.  Its a reference project for Win 10 IOT Core and works fine on that platform.  But I need to run something similar on Win 10 IOT Enterprise (or alternatively, on WIin 8.1 Embedded Industry). 

      Win10 Enterprise: GPIO is found in device manager and and I can build the app in Visual Studio 2015 community and it runs BUT if reports that there is "No GPIO controller found"

      Win8 Embedded: I installed the Intel Embedded drivers per Minnowboard Max wiki. I cannot figure out how to get a Visual Studio reference that allows me to use the windows.devices.GPIO namespace.


      Does anyone have experience to get me started?  After this my next requirement will be SPI which I believe will need the same solution.