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    Accessing I2C devices on  PUC DE3815TYBE and Windows-10

    PavelS Community Member


      I have a new PUC DE3815TYBE board.

      I installed Windows-10 on it (I am planning on using embedded/real-time Windows or Linux in the future).

      I installed the PROC_IO_Win8.1_32 device drivers for the chipset: I2C, GPIO, USART, ...

      The Microsoft I2C HID Miniport Driver hidi2c is Stopped.

      The I2C Controller Service iaioi2c is Running OK.

      The Intel(R) Serial IO I2C Controller Driver iaLPSSi_I2C is Stopped.

      Under Device Manager, I have two instances of I2C Controller devices under System Devices:

      Manufacturer: Intel Corp.

      Location: on Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System

      Status: These devices work properly.

      Device Instance Paths:  ACPI\80860F41\1 and \2


      Devices installed: iaioi2ce.inf

      Devices configured: oem6.inf

      Devices started: iaioc2c

      Devices configured: oem12.inf

      Devices installed: iaioi2ce.inf

      Status: 0x0.

      I downloaded the Intel(R) Platform Controller Hub EG20T Intel Integrated Circuit (I2C) Driver for Windows Programmer's Guide which is not quite for my platform, but I hope it to be close enough.



      1)  I do NOT have the files referred to by this document on page 8:

      ioh_I2C_ioctls.h, and


      I NEED these files in order to write my application program!

      2)  I tried to call the win32 function CreateFile(), but I do not know the name of the I2C device!

      Can someone please help?

      Thank you,