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    Cant get i211 to be detected by PCIe interface

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      We have designed a QSeven module carrier board that has an unprogrammed/blank Intel I211AT on PCIe Lane 0.  The I211 is not being detected.

      Any ideas why?


      The QSeven module uses an Intel Atom Bay Trail E3825 and provides:

      - 1 Gigabit Ethernet interface (uses Intel I210)

      - 4 PCIe interfaces

      - 6 USB 2.0 interfaces

      - An LPC Interface

      - DisplayPort interface


      Our carrier board implements the following high speed interface devices, all appear to work:

      - Gigiabit Ethernet port which is directly driven by the QSeven module

      - 2 Mini PCIe slots - using PCIe Lanes 1 & 2 and a USB interface each

      - A Super I/O chip (Nuvoton W83627DHG-PT) - uses the LPC interface from the QSeven module

      - A 2 lane DisplayPort interface


      As far as we can tell . . .

      - the I211 is connected correctly

      - all pull-ups/pull-downs appear correct

      - all voltages appear correct (3.3V, 1.5V, 0.9V)

      - PCIe clock is present (cannot measure accurately as do not have a high bandwidth scope and high impedance probes, clock freg. is 100MHz though)

      - An adapter card with another I211 on it works in the Mini PCIe slots


      One other puzzling issue - the crystal connected to the I211 is not oscillating.

      Is this normal or should the crystal operate even if the I211 is not detected?

      The I211 is also not programmed (as can't communicate with it).


      QSeven module is running Ubuntu but have also run in DOS and used Intel DOS tools to check for PCI devices.

      I210 on QSeven module is detected in both Ubuntu and DOS.


      Any ideas or suggestions appreciated?


      Can Intel do a design review?

      Board was designed in Altium.