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    Developing on existing Android tablets

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      I’m looking to develop using high-volume, price-sensitive (<$70) Android tablets for a specific application. I’m currently evaluating various options, including those using Intel processors, and I would like to know what the process is to build custom Android ROMs using Intel Atom (x3-C3130’s). I do not plan on developing the hardware from scratch at this point (repurposed Android tablets from Alibaba are preferred), but security is still a concern for this project. So far I’ve tried Allwinner A33 boards and have disliked its closed-source/badly documented/black-boxed process. If I had, for example, a Teclast X70 or a similar Intel reference tablet, how much leeway would I have developing for it? Would this depend on the motherboard and OEM?

      If there's a better forum for this than Embedded, let me know, but I'm still hoping someone can point me to specific resources.