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    6Gbps data storage speed - how to get it on Skylake motherboard?

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      I need to get 6Gbps storage speed for SSD disks on my Skylake-U motherboard which is under development.


      The situation is: I capture 6Gbps video (4K 60 fps) stream from 2x3G-SDI inputs and then I need to store it to disk for processing at the next time. Generally, there is no serious problem in case if I use same motherboard for read and write operations: use two SATA 3.0 SSDs with activated RAID0 option in H110 PCH and the task is solved.


      The problem arrives if I need to read stored data from these 2 SSDs, but on another computer, because disk configuration on another computer can be any, for example, it can happens that there is no RAID support on this motherboard. Additional, another computer has its own disk and wrong RAID configuration can damage data on it.


      I plan is to solve this problem by one of two ways:

           1. Use Thunderbolt controller chip (for example, Intel DSL5110) on my motherboard and use this Thunderbolt storage:


           Simple, ready-to-use, but quite expensive decision. And another computer should have Thunderbolt interface, too.

           2. Configure storage subsystem on my motherboard as RAID and use RAID controller card for PC (unfortunately, it cannot be used with notebooks).

      Relatively cheap (I need only mass production RAID PCIe card), but it requires motherboard that supports RAID option

      I have two questions to make decision which option I will use:

           1. On Intel site I can’t get access to Intel’s Thunderbolt controller’ documentation; only thing I know is that they are exist:


           Can I get access to it?

           2. I hope but I don’t know if I use H110 PCH with RAID0 option for write operation and Intel RAID controller card for read operation, data will be read correct. Is there any document that could clear up this speculation? All      I have now is only Slylake-U PCH documentation


      Thank you for advance,