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    How is Kontron km2m806-02's fish-river-island-2 supported ?

    rzr Community Member


      I recently got this product km2m806-02 from @Kontron :


      What do you know about km2m806-02 Kontron IoT P... | element14


      It's based on FRI2 Intel platform which was supported by Yocto project :





      Can you share current status on fido (meta-intel's generic_x86) ?


      I booted a couple of images and even tried debian-8 it boots


      I  also gave hints on ELinux wiki for Community :


      FRI - eLinux.org


      I'll may ask also about GMA500 and other components,


      Until you also reach users in this place :




      Or check random notes at :











      Any yocto-project developers out there ?


      It seems that EMGD in this device is retired now ... so we will have to use gma500_gfx as fallback driver ;( ...





      Remove all the changes related to the proprietary EMGD graphics driver

      As all the EMGD based BSPs have been retired, there is no need for the proprietary EMGD support in the meta-intel layer.



      Anyway I plan to use it headless and focus on modem support...